Baraa’s success story

The orphan 9-year-old Baraa lives with her mother and saplings in her grandfather’s house. They live in average economic status and depend on orphanages and social development aid. All her family members love her and spoil her since she is smart and quiet. With her mother, the little child came to Aisha, complaining that a 70-year-old man has abused her sexually. Such a horrible incident was very frightening for a little child as Baraa. She was deeply psychologically affected. She explained,” as usual, I went to take bread, aids for orphans. Whenever I go there to take bread, a very old man, sitting in front of his house door, calls me to give him some bread and I always agave him as I learned in school to respect old people and sympathize them. However, in that day, he asked me for bread and asked me to say hello inside the house. Then and in a savage way, he tried to take off my clothes and hugged me then kissed and bit my lips strongly. I tried to get rid of him and said “leave me; leave me” then I managed to escape.” When her mother was asked about what has happened, she said, “ My daughter came and she was very frightened and her face was red and her lips were swollen. When I asked what has happened with her, she said angrily, “I will not bring bread once more”. When I asked her why, she said, “That old man kissed me and bit me strongly.” Through assessment, she seemed to be frightened, trembling and crying and she has high temperature and swollen lips; her heart beats fast. Accordingly, Baraa got the appropriate psychological first aid and she was comforted. She was consulted not to blame herself. She and her mother got psychological knowledge about how to behave in such situations and to consider it as an experience to learn from it, preventing such situations to happen again. Her mother noticed that her condition developed into trauma. She uses for example foul language and suffers from nightmares, nervousness and screaming. An appropriate treatment plan was made for her in different stages and an activity schedule. Instructions were given to her family in how to organize feeling in all its types through the game of existence and how to prevent any relapse. She was taught the cognitive triangle, thoughts, feelings, behavior with examples, analyzing trauma by narrating trauma by (story, drawing). In the end of the sessions, she get rid of all the psychological symptoms and get back her psychological stability and calmness.