success stories of project elimination discrimination and sexual-based violence against vulnerable


A 35-year old woman, a mother of 4 children. She is exposed to physical violence from her husband and her children, and this has led to physical and psychological problems for the children. The specialist tamed her on the methods of dealing with children in light of the psychological problems faced by the children. Her life was centered only on one axis, which is marital and psychological problems, but after joining the program and receiving psychological support sessions, she became more calm and in much better mental health. N. received different services at Aisha as her psychological health got better and she no longer thinks of any attempts of killing herself. N.  received individual psychological sessions, mental care, SRHR services and lately family therapy. The family therapy program counselor at Aisha said” The family relationships are better now; N. and her husband are now able to understand each other and to share their ideas. I have involved her husband in raising awareness workshops and I found that he’s now able to understand her and absorb his anger whenever he talks to her” N. after 6 months of extensive intervention became able to depend on herself and build her own life. N. received a grant to start her small project and she is now empowered and able to decide.