Mrs. A. S. is 25 years old, and lives in Gaza Strip. She has been married for eight years and has four children.

Since the beginning of her life and her marriage, she has been subjected to physical violence where he attacked her by beating in her head, which resulting in bleeding in her head, and also subjected to psychological violence where insulting her with words that degrade the dignity, and she used to leave the marital home and go to her family's house after that, the husband assaulted her, insulted her, and expelled her from the house, and every time she returns to the marital home with the intervention of the reformers.
And she continued to endure this harm related to her throughout that period, until the harm was touched her 6-year-old daughter where she subjected to harassment from the husband's brother, and like any wife and mother, her daughter told her mother so she told her husband to be her safety for his wife and his daughter but he was beaten her up and insulted her, and kicked her out from the house, and tell her that if she tells her story to any of her family, he will kill her, then the psychological situation of the lady and her girl child has deteriorated.
After expulsion from the house and during staying in her family's home with her four children, the husband did not ask about his wife and daughter and did not send any money to spend on herself and young children, Moreover her family has a very low economic situation and the children have many needs that need a lot of Expenses, and she says, after the reformers intervened several times, they were unable to reach reform between them, due to her husband's insistence on lying and his denial of trying to assault her, and his denial that his daughter was subjected to sexual harassment.
During that period, she did not know what should she do and where to go, her thoughts were confused, as her family’s financial situation does not allow her to go to the court and demand her and her children right, and treat her child who was traumatized by the assault that happened with her, then she went to the Sharia court for advice about its possibility to demand her and her children right, and the court told her that there is a lawyer for Aisha Association who helps marginalized women and she contacted with the lawyer at the legal clinic to find out the address of the association.
 Indeed, she was welcomed by the lawyer of the legal clinic, and she listened to her problem and suffering and she and her daughter does not feel safe if she returned back to her husband home after the exposed
After listening to her well by the lawyer, the required legal advice was provided to her, as the lawyer explained all her legal rights, and that the law is on her side and that she will take her right by filing alimony and children's alimony lawsuits, and indeed these lawsuits were filed against her husband by the Sharia court and we have obtained for her provisions regarding alimony for the wife and for children, then we have implemented these provisions in order to be able to obtain alimony for her and her children.
She and her children were also transferred to psychological support in order to be able to overcome the psychological trauma that she and her child faced from sexual harassment, the physical and psychological violence, and fear for her child life and future. Indeed, 8 sessions were held by the psychiatrist and therapeutic specialist for the child and the mother, as a result of that the girl was improved and the psychological symptoms that she was suffering from were reduced through observing the mother and psychological tests.