Dreams and ambitions

Dreams and ambitions


A.T got married when she was 22 years old, she graduated from university with ambitions and dreams to build her future and find her career as other girls

Miserable life as cobwebs

But soon this dream that I weaved faded and became like a weak thread of cobwebs that wrapped around her life, dreams, and future to lay his prey, since her marriage on 7/18/2017 was still a child and was not aware of the meaning of marital life and responsibility, but she endure hardship against her will, and after two months and nineteen days from the marriage she started the suffering of physical violence with her husband, such as, severely beatings and verbal violence:  insulting with words that degrade the dignity also, he did not treat her as a wife with her being and respect her as she was raised on that, but treats her as a servant to his family who believed that men have the right to do what they want like return to his home in the midnight and insult the woman unlike women. He can return to his home in the middle of the night, insulted the woman, especially his wife, and belittled her,


In spite of her patience and enduring all the suffering, he was slapped by a loud slap that dropped her in the depths of suffering and pain. He was imprisoned in relation to criminal case which is theft and robbery of a house, as a result of that she suffered from psychological and physical problem, she tried to adapt with his imprisonment but was not able to do this, and by the society restrictions of customs and traditions, and to not exposed to more psychological violence and so that she is not exposed to more psychological violence and to not called her with (divorced woman) and to not look down on her.
Sacrificed and painful
She tried hard to accept the reality so that she could complete the current life with her unhappy marriage, and despite everything that happened to her and what she went through, she tried to help him, and she asked for helping from his family, but they refused. She endured the burden of helping lonely for her husband and sold some of her gold jewelry to find private lawyer for him and she continued in this case for a year and half, residing in the marital home with his family, and throughout this period she was subjected to various types of psychological violence, as she received insults from his father, mother, brothers and sisters, and the community because of his case.



After the long patience and suffering of waiting, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment, and his family rewarded him with more violence by blaming her for being the reason for his long-term ruling because she appointed the lawyer for her husband case, and after all this physical violence by her husband and his family and after deep thinking, she asked for a divorce through his family, but they refused to help her, and they told her go to court, we have nothing to do for you.
Hopeful after painful
After a period of psychological suffering and deep thinking, she went to the Sharia court in the north to file cases, but unfortunately, she did not have the financial ability or experience to know the court procedures, and while she was in the court and after she lost hope, one of the court employees told her that there is a female lawyer who provides free legal aid and providing service for the cases who not have enough financial ability, and in fact, she was referred by the court to Hana Abdel- al, Lawyer at Aisha for Woman and Child Protection, , and she called her and went 
The lawyer received her request and listened attentively to her Case circumstances and filed a wife's alimony case on 7/2/2020 AD and proceeded with her procedures from beginning to end, and communicated with her constantly to inform her all news in the case via messages or phone calls, and actually, she obtained a judgment for the wife's alimony on 24 / 2/2020 and implemented and followed up with in Implementation Department.
 It also filed a separate case for harm from discord and conflict, and obtained a judgment on 3/2/2020.
Promising future
After obtaining the separation ruling, Mrs. AT came to the clinic and told that she had begun to regain herself little by little with the help of the lawyer, family and friends. Now her life become much better and after divorce, she got rid of his, his family and society violence the she decided to research for a work where she started to takeTraining courses to restore her identity, strength and self-confidence, and to fulfill her dream of being a nurse (inshallah) to serve her community and to be a productive and active individual in society and protect herself from any violence she may face in the future.
Yours sincerely