success story


35-year-old woman with 4 children. A. got married at young age, she suffered from different kinds of violence by her family and the community. Her husband was jailed and that caused a great collapse on her life whether psychologically or by fearing the social stigma. A.M received individual psychological sessions, mental care, SRHR services. Through the IEM program, A. Was involved in different activities that helped her renewing her activation and to live normal life once again. Joining the group sessions with her colleagues in the department helped her regain confidence in herself and ensure her value in society. Her case manager  tried to train her on the  methods of dealing with problems and solving the family crises she is going through. Through the program, the psychologist highlighted her needs for psychiatric sessions with the Aisha Psychcartic , because she was suffering from severe depression due to her husband's condition. These sessions created a clear change in her psychological state and a significant improvement in her general psychological state. In addition, her relationship with the children became much better and she was able to give more than the first. The great impact on her social and psychological statue helped her to be one of the professional trainees in Sewing section. At the end of the project shem manged to gain small grant to start her small business.