قصة نجاح سناء ‏

She is one of the individual empowerment cases at Aisha; she 47 years old. She is married for the third time to someone who is 20 years older than her. She has a son and a daughter. They live in a very poor condition since her husband is unemployed old man. She narrated, “ I got married after tawjihi to appropriate desirable man. I lived with him many years; the first two years were full of happiness, love and compassion. Then struggles have begun since I could not conceive children. My mother-in-law showed me to different doctors for treatment and operations but all went in vain. My brother-in-law , who is younger than my husband, got married and had children. My mother in law with the help of her new daughter-in-law wanted my husband to get married of another and kicked me out of the house. Then they restored me back and a lot of disputes happens with my co-wife. She insulted me and hurt me physically and psychologically. So I felt insulted especially because my husband and his family have remained passive. Then I was divorced; I spent two years with my family, taking after of my mother who became paralyzed after my young 19- year-old brother martyrdom.  Also, my father died out of grief then after a while my mother also passed away so I get married to another just for 3 months. It did not last because of his children mistreatment; they hit me and starve me since my husband has no work and then they get me divorced. At that time my sister was struggling with illness and then she passed away. Since she has children I was forced by my family to marry my sister’s husband. However I could not accept him so I get divorced after two months. I returned back to my brothers’ house; their wives hit me severely and treated me harshly; my hand was broken out of this. This suffering of poverty, starvation, loneliness and insult lasts for one year. Then my second husband remarried me and I gave birth to a son and a daughter. Again and again my children and I were hit by my husband’s children. I kept my patience till my remained brother passed away so I became helpless. After his death, I suffered from a psychological problem and became in pretty bad shape. So I came to Aisha association and was transferred to the psychological treatment and because of my commitment to it, I restored back my feelings of safety and comfort. Also, I learned skills that helped to treat my husband and learned how to take after of myself and of my children. I became able to take right decisions and control myself. Also, I became certain that everything will be better. Thanks to God an Aisha all my sufferings came to an end.”