Toward legal ‎empowerment of ‎community to support ‎women legal rights in ‎the Gaza City and north ‎of Gaza City. [Sawasya ‎II]‎

The project is building on the efforts of SAWASYA ‎phase I and the inception phase of Sawasya II ‎aiming at advancing the rule of law, integrity, ‎gender justice and human rights in Palestine. As in ‎SAWASYA phase I and phase regarding the ‎presentation of women in courts and the ‎awareness raise for women and their families. ‎Aisha in this project will continue its working in ‎these fields and targeting more number of people ‎because needs were noticed through implanting ‎the activities of the previous phases. This project ‎will continue the achievements of the previous ‎projects phase I and phase II in many aspects, ‎awareness raising, capacity building and also ‎provide legal services for women whether ‎consultations or presentations. In fact, Aisha looks ‎for sustainable legal aid program for women in the ‎Gaza Strip This project will target vulnerable ‎women, women victims of violence, children and ‎their families. The project will contribute to ‎improving women’s access to justice to protect and ‎claim their rights, in areas related to family law ‎matters. ‎

  • 2018-03-17