Supporting local ‎initiatives to advance ‎psychological support ‎and empowerment of ‎vulnerable women over ‎‎18 and girls under 18 in ‎Gaza through in yoga ‎and social circus training

The main Project Goal is to empower Palestinian ‎women and girls in Gaza through improved mental ‎and physical wellbeing. The main activities of the ‎project are: Training of Trainers (ToT) – continuing ‎training for trainers for the current participants of ‎the pilot project (19 on yoga and 13 on social ‎circus). This will be in the form of three 2-week ‎trainings with visiting international trainers (twice ‎during the 6 months, the international trainers will ‎be recruited on a volunteer basis, and expected to ‎raise their own funds for travel). -‎ Weekly ‎classes in social circus for 45 women and girls led by ‎women from the ToT (3 five week terms of classes, ‎with two week breaks in between for the ToT) -‎Weekly classes in yoga for 60 women and girls led ‎by women from the ToT (3 five week terms of ‎classes, with two week breaks in between for the ‎ToT) -Monthly meeting between Aisha staff, a ‎representative elected from the ToT groups, to ‎update and adapt to challenges, responses to ‎classes - Following the end of each term, open days ‎for children and relatives of participants to attend. - ‎Communication and outreach: Radio program (one ‎radio session and sms to advertise the idea of yoga ‎and social circus as one of the psychological health ‎support tools) ‎

  • 2018-09-01