Multisectoral ‎Responses to Women ‎Victims and Survivors of ‎Gender Based Violence ‎in the Gaza Strip

The project will target 7515 women, men, boys and ‎girls from Gaza City through providing legal aid, ‎MHPSS, case management and referral to other ‎services, then number of women survivors will be ‎targeted in C4 W opportunities, as well the ‎capacities of Aisha staff in the intervention related ‎topics. On other hand, Aisha will apply the ‎previously developed manual Hawwa Zahra to ‎provide psychological support for GBV in crisis time, ‎developed according to IASC guidelines, cases will ‎be referred to Aisha community center for mental ‎health, substance abuse, and GBV that was license ‎from the ministry of interior and the ministry of ‎health. AISHA has already a referral mechanism in ‎which all referrals and needed information are ‎followed up and traced. It is worth mentioning that ‎AISHA is already a part of the SOPs' manual ‎managed by UNICEF and includes all referral ‎pathways. ‎

  • 2019-06-01