Protecting and Building ‎the Resilience of ‎Women and Girls ‎impacted by the Great ‎March of Return in ‎Gaza


The project mainly aims at empowering women ‎and shifting their roles within their families and ‎communities where their self-reliance ‎strengthened. ‎
‎ The project’s overall goal is to contribute to ‎women’s own empowerment, as women’s roles ‎within their families and communities shift and ‎their self-reliance strengthened. Aisha will reach to ‎‎6000 women and girls impacted by the GMR ‎including women victims of GBV and female ‎adolescents and provide 250 case management ‎through online counseling via Zahr app, structured ‎group psycho-social support, family therapy, ‎awareness raising workshops, referral to receive ‎additional legal support services, case management ‎‎(individual psychosocial counseling, psycho-therapy ‎and medication, individual legal counseling, referral ‎to legal representation, economic empowerment, ‎reproductive health and social services, ‎rehabilitation services, assistive tools, yuga ‎sessions.‎


  • 2020-06-01