Women Can Compete; ‎More economic ‎opportunities for young ‎women in Gaza City


AISHA through the proposed project aim to ‎increased access to wage employment for young ‎female graduates in Gaza City through specific ‎objectives 1) Increased employability skills of ‎young female universities and colleges graduates ‎to facilitate their access to labour market; 2) ‎Advanced capacities and coordination of privet ‎sectors companies as wage employers in matching ‎jobs to skills of universities and colleges, TVTE ‎graduates‏.‏
AISHA will implement several activities such as ‎conduct value chain analysis, on job training activity ‎which will target 40 women / graduates aged 25 – ‎‎30 years old to be hosted in 4 factories for 4 ‎months.‎


  • 2020-01-10