Send back street ‎children to school

AISHA Association in partnership with WILPF is ‎currently implementing the project of "Send back ‎drop-out children to school in Beach Camp – Gaza". ‎The project has been started at (November-2018) ‎targeting 42 children drop-outs from schools in the ‎Gaza Strip. The project aims to contribute to ‎improving the living condition of the children who ‎dropped out of their schools and reintegrate them ‎in their schools at the Beach Camp in the Gaza Strip ‎through a set of interventions including the ‎following: Conduct family counseling sessions for ‎the parents of the drop-out children, Organize ‎discussion groups sessions between the children ‎and their parents, Conduct awareness and group ‎psychosocial support sessions for the drop-out ‎children, Conduct awareness and psychosocial ‎support group sessions for parents of the drop-out ‎children, Network with educational centers in ‎order to engage the a group of children in remedial ‎classes and the other group in vocational courses, ‎provide the children with school needs (stationary ‎and clothes) and vocational training needs, Provide ‎cash support to the children under their families ‎supervision school, Provide health services through ‎coordinating with health centers. ‎

  • 2018-11-13