Improving access to ‎mental health care and ‎psycho-social support ‎services for the most ‎vulnerable women and ‎girls and their families in ‎quarantine and remote ‎communities in the ‎Gaza Strip

The project addresses main problem of "Limited ‎access to community based integrated MHPSS ‎services by affected women, girls and their families ‎in quarantine and remote communities. Overall ‎objective is "Improved mental health and ‎psychosocial well-being and resilience of most ‎vulnerable women and adolescent girls and their ‎families in quarantine and remote communities ‎based on MHPSS guidelines in emergency settings" ‎outcomes: 1. Enhanced capacity building of front-‎line workers from MHPSS service providers; 2. ‎Improved emotional, mental and social well-being; ‎and enhanced resilience of most vulnerable ‎women and adolescent girls and their families in ‎quarantine; and 3. Increased sensitization and ‎responsiveness of local and national duty bearers ‎towards improved MHPSS support services for ‎most vulnerable women and adolescent and their ‎families in quarantine. Beneficiaries are selected ‎from COVID-19 hotspots, particularly Gaza North ‎and Gaza

  • 2020-12-01