Debriefing sessions in cooperation with Ard Al-Insan Society

In response to the community needs in psychological and social support especially after the recent Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, and as an urgent plan for emergencies, Aisha Association for the Woman and Child Protection held series of sessions in coordination with the Land Of Human Association that have included 12 sessions in psychological support and emotional debriefing to a group of women who were the most vulnerable to psychological pressure during the war.

Series of sessions have been begun on Monday, 24/12/2012 in Al-Zaitoun quarter south Gaza city. it's worth mentioning that these sessions are targeting al- Zaitoun, Shijaia and Tofah quarters eastern Gaza.

Faces express what was touring inside the souls, different emotions; fear, anxiety and stress. A woman talked about her fear during the war, she was always crying and unable to leave her bedroom frightened from the Israeli bombardment, till a site besides her  home had been bombed. Another woman said I am still afraid of the coming back of a new war, and afraid of losing one of my sons or my home since I had lost my home in the previous war.

At the end of the session women asked to repeat such kind of sessions since it was so useful and helpful for them and it was comfortable talking about their problems and pressures. Also, they requested to hold such sessions for their children and especially who are les than 6 years.

On the other hand, the session included the introducing Aisha Association and its services provided by qualified and experts' staff including awareness, psychological, social, economic and legal support advising women who seek for help and support to visit Aisha association should they need guidance and  support of any kind.