Two awareness sessions were conducted through project of "Protection of Women's legal rights in Gaza by improving their access to Justice"

Within the efforts of awareness campaign which conducts by Aisha association through the project of  "Protection of Women's legal rights in Gaza by improving their access to Justice"

Team of the project conducted two awareness sessions in August; one of them was on 28-8-2012 in cooperation with Al-Ekhlass association for relief & development with attendees of 15 women from Almontar area in east of Gaza, to make them aware of personal status law which includes marriage, expense and custody, and after went to that area, the team found that this area not receive any visits or training sessions after sessions that have conducted to them from AWN team in the former project, and they are waiting for such meetings, especially that they are living in remote and vulnerable area of all the services such as the simplest of them medical clinic in the area, through the meeting women and girls came from their homes to attend the meeting where the number of women reach 55 women, as the meeting has conducted in open area, which encourage many of women to expose some of their issues, at the end of meeting participants women requested to repeat such meeting to female students of secondary schools, particularly as they are the generation that has to be working on it at the next period.

Also the team conducted the second meeting at Jozoor Alzaitoon society which entitled 'Violence from legal and social terms ' , it targeted 55 women from Al-Zaitoon area, included women who are over the age of sixty, and the nice thing was that most of the interventions were from these women, where the spirit of benefit and learning still exist with them, the meeting was conducted on 29-8-2012 in which the social worker 'Suhila Sarhan' addressed topic of violence, its definition, its causes, types of it and effects of it, also she addressed topics such as incest, coercion in marriage, house of obedience, deprivation of the right to end the marital relationship.  

Also The lawyer of the project addressed the violence topic in many types such as killings on honors, Mitigating excuse for killer's crime and deprivation from legacy, at the end of meeting discussion was opened so it Leading some to talk about their experiences in the courts, which pointed out the existence of discrimination and the lack of justice in the courts, and some guidance has been provided to them.