Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection ‎concludes training on positive upbringing

Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection concluded a special training on positive education/upbringing.

 The training addressed the ways of dealing with children and building their confidence by positive upbringing/education as an alternative means to violence against children, also, Providing Kindergarten teachers with methods about how to deal with various behaviors of the children, and point them in the right direction to benefit from educational settings. As well as following psychological debriefing to break the barrier of fear between the teacher and children to create suitable academic environment for children. 

This training targeted 20 kindergarten teachers by 25 training hours for 5 days with the maintenance prevention and safety measures

The training comes within the project" Empowering civil society organizations and  caregivers and children to strengthen the system for the child’s protection” that targeted the children, parent and service provider in partnership with  save the children institute funded by Swedish Agency for Development (SIDA)

The project aims at protection the children and teenager from gender-based violence and promoting a culture of positive upbringing  at Gaz strip, as well as providing the parent and service provider with techniques, skills and information to apply the positive upbringing and to combat violence against children