Periodic Meeting of the Legal Task Force LTF

On Wednesday 7th Feb.2018, The Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection the periodic meeting of the legal Task Force LTF, the agenda of the meeting was about the accountability for violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law and talk about property issues, housing, land and other legal problems in the context of reconstruction and recovery In the Gaza Strip, restrictions on freedom of movement and access to women's rights, including the rights of Survived women from gender-based violence, as well as civil documentation / residency status, judicial developments and executive decisions issued by Gaza authority and its impact on the humanitarian response

The meeting also discussed the effects of the continuing crisis of salary and legal consequences through the members’ response to the services provided and their monitoring to judiciary works

In addition, the members were divided into four different groups (according to the legal survey 2018) to follow their data entry on 4ws system in addition to determine the date, place and topics to be discussed during the next monthly meeting of the legal Task Forces which will be on March 7, 2018.