Palestinian Ministry of Education and Aisha Association organize the first Case Conference

The Counseling and Special Education Department of the Education Directorate in Khan Younis organized the first Case Conference in partnership with Aisha Association for Women and Child Protection on Wednesday 8/4/2015, in the presence of Mr. Hussein Abu Shamala ,the Director of Administrative Department, Dr. Abeer Al-Shurfa ,Head of Mental Health Department in General Directorate for Educational Counseling Ministry, Dr. Taghreed Abd Al Hadi ,Head of the Educational Institutions Department in the ministry, Dr. Muneer Shubeir ,Head of Educational Counseling Department, universities professors, psychologists and social workers, psychiatrists, Heads of educational counseling departments and supervisors of educational counseling in the departments of education in the Gaza Strip, group of educational adviser and representatives of institutions and centers specializing in mental health.   

Mr. Abu Shamala opened the conference through welcoming speech to the attendance and participants. He assured that the directorate is keen on planning, monitoring and implementation of the counseling programs which aimed to develop the consultation work because of its importance in a positive generation creation capable of leading the community to slaughter liberation. Mr. Abu Shamala valued the efforts of Public Administration Educational guidance in the ministry for its initiative to organize the Case Conference to find suitable solutions for the psychological cases that emerged after the recent aggression on Gaza. He praised the efforts of the counseling department at the directorate for organizing this event the first of its kind in the directorate. Mr. Abu Shamala wished success for the participants and to achieve the objectives of the conference.
Dr. Al Shurafa praised the efforts of Directorate of Education in Khan Younis, she thanked and appreciated the Counseling and Special Education Department for organizing this conference. Pointing out that the purpose of the conference is a cross-fertilization the ideas of the specialists to reach to positive solutions of psychological problems that the students suffered after the recent aggression on Gaza. It pointed out that the solutions will be circulated to other departments until and wide interest. 
Dr. Shubeir in his speech thanked the participants in the conference, defined the philosophy and techniques of Case Conference and its importance in the treatment of various the psychological conditions. He assured that the Case Conference is a meeting attended by a number of experts, specialists and therapists to discuss the intervention and to deal with the situation mechanisms professionally according to the nature of his work and his specialty for the purpose of access to accurate diagnosis, and then put the integrated treatment plan, taking into consideration confidentiality of the information associated with each case.
It should be noted that four cases of those who affected by the aggression was shown in every single session. Dr. Abd Al Fatah Al Hams from the Islamic University presided over the first session, Dr. Nazmi Abu Mustafa from Al Aqsa University presided over the second session, Dr. Basil Al Hamarna presided over the third session and Dr. Nemir Abu Zarqa from Gaza Mental Health Program presided over the fourth session. Specialists gave a detailed presentation includes basic information about each case and their symptoms and then open the floor for discussion for participants which resulted in the diagnosis of the situation and develop an appropriate treatment plan. The moderators and participants in the conference was honored.