Feminist mass demonstration in Gaza on the occasion of International Women's Day

Tens of women in Gaza Strip participated in feminist mass demonstration organized by General Union of Palestinian Women in partnership with women's organizations and frameworks on Saturday 7/3/2015 on the occasion of International Women's Day which falls on the eighth of March each year. At the beginning women gathered in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Gaza City. Participants raised banners wrote some statements on it like: "yes for fair laws and regulation for women", "Women rights are homeland rights", "Together toward a Palestinian society dominated by social justice and equality", women sent greeting to prisoner women in Israeli jail. The demonstration ended in front of UNESCO headquarter. The Minister of Women's Affairs in the Palestinian government ,Haifa Al Agha, assured through her speech in the demonstration that: "Palestinian women have a rights like all women around the world have to achieve." She said: "Palestinian women faced violence from Israeli occupation and human and women rights have to apply according justice and international law." Reem Freinah ,the director of Aisha Association for Women and Child Protection, clarified that women gathered today to express their resentment and refusing to Israeli occupation. Freinah asked for lifting the siege on Gaza Strip, assured the importance of Palestinian unity. She ended her speech saying: "Wish safety for Palestinian women every year" Andaleeb Shehada ,the director of Community Media Center, said: "in this day we send our greetings to the struggle of Palestinian women who insist to continue the struggle on all levels social, economical and political" she asked the Palestinian leaders to take the hand of women and improve her situation." Zeinab Al Ghuneimy ,the director of Center for Women's Legal research and Consulting, said: " We women appearance Musharraf, come hand in hand, stressing the importance of several issues that must be the first termination of the Israeli occupation and Palestinian division." She assured about the importance of women participation in the committees of reconciliation and reconstruction. She ended her speech saying: " Wish safety for Palestinian women and all women around the world every year."